Our Father Prayer And Praxis

Meditate upon the lines of the Our Father through a series of poems and be willingly crafted in the hands of God, the master sculptor. A former teacher and ever prolific, the poet usefully dissects the Our Father, delivering it to us in word and deed from a living perspective, often in all-too-familiar contexts.

In Turbulent Waters

A provocative piece of literary work! Provides a vivid exposition of the evil within our midst, the truly dark side of our Saint Lucian culture. Disturbing in its tortuosity, it is not for the faint of heart or those with deep dark secrets. It may be found offensive, inflammatory, and challenging to many of previous eras and also to those in this current era who sing and dance to the words “I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad! . . . Wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine . . . buy the things I never had!” A must read, however, for those seekers of wealth, power, and status! 

Helen and Her Sister Haiti

"Helen and Her Sister Haiti
A theological reection on the social, historical,
economic, religious, political and national consciousness
with a call to conversion.