Worship and Integrity

SATURDAY: Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time


Worship and Integrity

God created humankind to possess a moral and social conscience. He endowed them with free will, bestowed the gifts upon them of the Holy Spirit to discern right from wrong and to act with integrity. Henceforth, humankind has an obligation to pursue perfection as its primary and ultimate vocation (Lev.11:44; Matt.5:48). To behave honourably and conscientiously are not beneath the dignity of any human person when transacting business and developing human relationships – especially in marriage, according to today’s gospel. The moral of which is, integrity has its eternal rewards but corruption has inescapable serious repercussions for those who will not repent.

The requirements for celebrating the Jubilee year affirm holiness and worship; social justice; honesty and integrity in all human activities and relationship are inseparable. In the absence of the above-mentioned, liturgical acts and human relationships are bogus. They contradict the two greatest commandments.

Memorials celebrated in the context of one’s faith challenge us to rise beyond self-interest and greed, act with integrity and walk in righteousness. To do otherwise is to compromise one’s conscience. Unconscionable behaviour is problematic for the innocent as well as for the egocentric. An innocent person will become a causality and the dubious character will have to answer to God for his/her crime.

Lord, train me and keep me faithful to the truth.

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