God is our Inheritance

FRIDAY: Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time


God is our Inheritance

God created the material world and delighted in everything he created. He said they were good (Gen.1:3-25). However, humankind is the only creature God created and did not qualify. Why? Because he made them in the image and likeness of himself and bestowed his own breath upon them – he made them for perfection.

The Church teaches the image and likes of God resides chiefly in the soul. When the human person dies, his/her body returns to the earth and his/her spirit returns to God for ongoing renewal (Sir.12:7; Ps.104:29-30). In other words, humankind shares in the divinity of God. That is what Paul tells us we are heirs of God and coheirs with Christ. This is profound because, on a daily basis God and Christ, both challenge us to recognise nothing worldly can equate the value and the integrity of the human soul.

If nothing worldly can compare with the integrity of the human soul, then it would be foolhardy on our part to compromise its intrinsic worth for the perishable things of this world. God himself is working relentlessly on our behalf to salvage our soul (Is.62:1).

While conducting a Lenten Mission in Kingston Jamaica a few years ago, I visited an elderly Jamaican woman who asked me, “Father what is the meaning of the Bible?” I was lost for words. She interrupted my thoughts and said “Basic Information Before Leaving Earth.” She was correct.

Looking back Deuteronomy 4:32-40 Moses was doing just that and similarly was Jesus in Matthew 16:24-28. Both Moses and Jesus remind us we are pilgrims on a journey to the Promised Land. But for us Christians, our destination is the kingdom of God. Therefore, we must do all in our power to avoid compromising the value of the soul so that we can truly inherit the kingdom.

I, therefore, recommend that we remain faithful to divine revelation, sacred, scripture and sacred tradition and there will be no danger for us to compromise the integrity of our souls in want of anything the world has to offer. Seek the things that are in heaven and all will be well with our souls.

O God, you are my eternal inheritance.

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