Imitating the Love and Obedience of Christ

MONDAY: Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time


Imitating the Love and Obedience of Christ

The two greatest commandments are the synopsis of the whole law and the teachings of the prophets (Matt.22:40; Gal.5:14). Love and obedience are the substance of one’s fidelity to God (Jn.14:23). In addition, St. Paul concluded: faith, hope and love are the necessary ingredients of genuine Christian spirituality and holiness, but love supersedes the importance the former and the latter (1Cor.13:1-13). In so far it only love that subject our hearts to total obedience to the precepts of the Lord (Jn.14:23).

The perfection of Christ grew out of his humility, his obedience and his unconditional reciprocal love of his Father (Jn.3:35; 5:20). Made in the image and likeness of God, we are his creatures. In baptism, we put on Christ (Phil.3:20). On that day and at Confirmation we received the same consecration with Christ; we share the same Holy Spirit with him; we are mandated to love God and our neighbour in the same way as Jesus was commanded as a subject of the Law (Gal.4:4-8). Like Christ, our mission is to do the will of the Father. Such is the necessary steps towards eternal life. We must possess the mind of Christ and adopt his posture of humility and obedience (Phil.2:5-11) as signs of our love for the Father and for our neighbour.

Jesus’ response to the rich youth seeking the path to eternal life was simple. Imitate my humility, my obedience, my selflessness. In other words, I was exceedingly rich but I made myself poor, to make the whole world rich out of my poverty (2Cor.8:9). Christ was simply imitating the love of his Father who gave his only Begotten Son so that everyone who believed in him would have eternal life (Jn.3:16).

Do we have any intentions to do whatever he tells us as proof of our love for him and for the Father?

Here I am, Lord. Lead me, and I will follow.

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