Humility and Meekness

TUESDAY: Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time


Humility and Meekness

Humility and meekness are indispensable qualities if we are to fulfil the will of God and to be perfect as he is perfect. The former is like a door and the latter, a window through which God can lure us out of seclusion, enter into intimate communion with us, and transform us into invaluable coinages in the economy of salvation.

God always seduces the humble and lowly of heart and transforms them into invaluable resources of his kingdom while entrusting them with the real treasures of the kingdom. The humble and the meek always belittle themselves; they never recognise the gem hidden within until they cooperate with God and Christ who transform them into productive and successful stewards of the kingdom.

The metaphor of camel passing through the eye of a needle is an eloquent expression of humility and meekness. Cognizant of its innate defect, the hump on its back, coupled with its burden, humbly the camel kneels at the entrance of a narrow gate to make its way to its intended destination. It is simply obedient and submissive to its master’s command and its obligations. That is contrary to the arrogant individual who thinks he has it all, knows all, and will never humble himself to fulfil anyone’s wishes or command.

Gideon is a type of this camel. Regardless of his initial response and resistance, he listened and obeyed the angel. He confessed his inadequacies. His social status, he thought trivialized and inhibited his contribution toward the liberation of Israel. God saw otherwise. God called him out of his seclusion and empowered him to accomplish his mission on to liberate Israel from her enemies.

The moral of today’s Liturgy of the Word is this: do not let our social status or the lack of financial assets, nor the lack of academic ability serve as obstacles to our communion with God and our usefulness as his stewards in his vineyard. Be as humble as Gideon was and as simple as the camel in today’s gospel. Bow down before the Lord our God and he will transform us into the most powerful soldier and invaluable currency of the kingdom. See Christ fell three times on the way to Calvary. Christ bowed low under the weight of the cross in humility and obedience to accomplish the will of his Father. Yes! God raised him high and gave him a name above all names (Phil.2:6-11).

Lord, bend my heart, according to your will.

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