Living the Selflessness of Christ

TUESDAY: Twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time


Living the Selflessness of Christ

Christ cries out in favour of integrity over time, talent, and treasure. He claims the latter is irrelevant where integrity is deficient. In other words, the stewardship of time, talent and treasure where justice, mercy and good faith are in high demand are acts of hypocrisy and lawlessness and deeds of blatant deception and cause for extreme grief.

It grieved Christ when he witnessed the double standards existing in the heart of Judaism. There is no doubt the same will continue to be of concern to him to witness history repeating itself on an impressive scale today. God in Christ, has again demonstrated, he will not rest until the integrity of his children shines like the sun (Is.62:1).

Christ’s appeal to the Pharisees is applicable to us and to subsequent deviant Christians. Paul, however, in 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 gives us a beautiful depiction of the type of selflessness and generosity that must distinguish the Church from Judaism and the duplicity of the Pharisees to make her one, holy and apostolic, more so as the untarnished bride of Christ. Our stewardship must be free from delusion, immorality, deception, flattery, manipulation and exploitation. Above all an unwavering eagerness to proclaim the Good News. In brief, genuine Christian holiness and stewardship must reflect the authentic altruistic nature of Christ whose entire life became the currency for our salvation.

O God, teach me the virtues of selfless love, compassion and solidarity wherever you send me.

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