Disorder Affection and Disaffected Love

August 29

Passion of John the Baptist


Disorder Affection and Disaffected Love

Uncontrolled disordered affection has the potential to disfigure the human soul and impair its judgment. The soul once disfigured by sin and clothed in corruption forgets the language of humility, meekness, discipline, righteousness, justice and peace. Disaffected love survived by possessive love deflates the heart of every trace of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Its victims are delusional. They suffer from persecution complex; they are impervious to change and conversion. Discipline, under such conditions is offensive and threatening to the individual and may cost those who try to correct such an individual his/her life (Prov.8:9).

People, who embrace this type of fear, mistrust, suspicion and the impulse of hate, are intimate friends. They do not realise they are enslaved by the fruits of hate. They have no regard of other people’s dignity and integrity. Willfully, forcefully, and tactfully they will ruin anyone they believe is against their corrupt practices and way of life.

Christians need to guard themselves against this kind of pathology. Even though we are children of God, we are still subject to all human tendencies. Only by God’s grace, his healing love, and a genuine response to conversion we will be free from such inclinations. God entered into communion with us knowing we are sinners (Rom.5:8). God knows the human heart contrives evil from infancy (Ge.8:21). However, his plan is to save us, not condemn us (Jn.3:17). Persistently he calls us to holiness in Christ (1Pet.1:14-16). This calls for great deal of spiritual discipline on our part. What has that to do with Herod, Herodias, and the beheading of John the Baptist?

Herodias was a victim of disordered affection and disaffected love. Herod became her captive and by a mere slip of a blind oath Herodias manipulate her daughter and the king to decapitate John the Baptist because Herodias deduced John was her critic and wanted to deprive her of the love of her life.

Friend, whenever people become obsessed with the things of the flesh – person or other tangibles of life, it is easy to lose sight of all the virtues, values and valour that will bind them into an eternal bond of peace, love and joy with God. Depravity will crouch their minds, hearts, soul and spirit without even recognising it.

The Feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist offers all Christians a glorious opportunity to search deep into their mind, heart, soul and spirit for any trace of disordered affection and disaffected love. Humbly and obediently, in a true spirit of the Beatitudes, let every Christian bring himself/herself to the feet of the Lord’s cross. Ask him for healing and deliverance sooner than later. Least like Herod, Herodias and her daughter we can all become slaves of our emotions and to conceal our corruption, others become our victims.

I have said it often: people who are always harping about other people’s weaknesses are crying out for help. They do not recognize they need help. Otherwise, they are willfully trying to distract others from discovering their faults. If they can destroy others to protect themselves. They will eventually destroy you in some way.

O God, only by your grace I can be a truly integrated person capable of genuine love, compassion, mercy, understanding and solidarity with those who challenge me to be a better person.

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