Become Christ in the World



Become Christ in the World

Losing ourselves in Christ sounds simple; it is not. We should never trivialize the process of abandoning ourselves to the Lord. It takes a great deal of due diligence; it includes total membership in the divine life with Christ; it is active and conscious participation in building and sustaining the talents we received at Baptism. These talents must become our own priceless and vital treasures. We must demonstrate the enthusiasm to live, move, and have our whole being in Christ Jesus. We must have his mind; we must possess his spirit. We must share the same eagerness with Christ to make his Father’s will our daily food and to spend our time in the vineyard investing the talents entrusted to us as his collaborators in constructing the economy of salvation. In other words, losing ourselves in Christ takes deliberate consciousness on our part to let go of any trace of our self-centeredness in exchange for the yoke of Christ (Matt.11:29).

The whole notion of Christian spirituality and stewardship is about embodying the nature, qualities, principles and courage of Christ. It is a call to righteousness, justice, peace and strong moral values informed by faith and guided by the Holy Spirit. At Confirmation, we become ambassadors of Christ. Our mission is to invest all the talents bestowed upon us to restore the true image and likeness of God in humankind that is lost by sin. Embracing that challenge calls for astuteness and prudence. We cannot be lavish administrators of the sacred goods and the economy of salvation we must behave humbly, as Sirach says.

Adopting the posture of a humble and suffering servant is challenging. It is easier to behave arrogantly and to lord, it over others because we intimidate them to protect our inflated yet fragile ego and get away with oppression and the like but in the end, we suffer the consequences of our actions. Sirach and Christ Jesus both challenge us to behave humbly, and we will find favour with the Lord (Sir.3:18). The more humble, prudent and generous we are with the poor the greater will be our reward when the virtuous rise again (Lk.14:14). The truth is we must all give an account of our stewardship to the Lord (Rom.12:14).

God, in other words, by sharing his talents with us, each, according to our capacity conferred upon us the means and blessing for our salvation. The manner in which we invest these talents will determine the result of our inheritance with God and with Christ on Judgment Day. Where are we now? Are we jostling for social recognition and position? Are we in hot pursuit of the distinctions and places of honour? Alternatively, are we approaching our spirituality with a persona of a suffering servant like Christ? Where is our yoke of meekness and humility?

Lord, all I want to be is a meek and humble servant like you.

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