Prayer and Intimacy with God

TUESDAY: Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time


Prayer and Intimacy with God

Growing in intimacy with the Father is Jesus’ primary lesson he taught the apostles and disciples. Despite being God himself, Jesus always remained in close communion with God the Father. He said it right. “The Father and I are one (Jn.10:30).” Christ meant the same for all of us who are his disciples (Jn.17:21). He demonstrated the same intention in the Lord’s Prayer – a sense of permanent intimacy between God and his children in the world – especially in prayer and Christian stewardship.

Prayer helps us forge unbreakable bonds with God, with Christ and help us build community. In turn, God and Christ guide us with divine wisdom to make the right choices and transform us into formidable opponents of evil. They make us powerful witnesses of God’s healing love, mercy, compassion and solidarity with the vulnerable.

Notice! Only after Jesus consulted with the Father, he chose his disciples. Immediately Luke directs our minds to Jesus’s declaration in chapter 4:18. God bestowed the Spirit on Jesus and made him a messenger of hope to change the living conditions of sufferers. After prayer, Jesus returned to the valley. The afflicted surrounded him, yearning just to touch him because power oozed out of him. All those who touched him received the healing they longed for.

Christ Jesus, in so doing brought into shape focus the promise made in 2 Chronicles 7:14. If we turn to God in humility, if we pray and seek his presence, he will hear us from heaven and he will heal our land. He will make us productive people. In other words, fidelity to God is our trump card to success as stewards of Christ in the world.

St. Paul in Colossians 2:6-15 capitalized on the teaching of Christ Jesus to instruct us likewise when he appealed to us to remain firm adherents of the faith and avoid the pitfalls of modern-day speculative philosophies and ideologies.

In the face of declining spirituality, prayer and the upsurge of philosophies and ideologies what do we see happening? Human afflictions are on the increase. The youths are growing soulless and ruthless. Why? The further modern man gravitates towards humanism, nihilism and licentiousness to find plausible solutions for the crisis; they create for themselves deeper furrows of depravity.

Christ is an alien in some of our classrooms today. However, an undiluted form of indoctrination in humanism and the neuterization of human genders under the guise of Social Studies is replacing Religious Education today. Very soon not only there will be no sex distinctions but there will be no age groups either and them the family structure will fall into chaos. Friends, we are imploding because of the lack of spirituality. In the midst of it all, as the church, we have lost our prophetic voice because we too have lost our intimacy with God and Christ.

O God, turn your gaze towards us, let your light shine upon us. Save us. We are sinking.

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