Reckless and callous indifference

WEDNESDAY: Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time


Reckless and callous indifference

There is a passive indifference, which passes off as political correctness today. It plays a phenomenal role in shaping the high level of dysfunctionality exhibited among men, women and children, today. Every human institution has lost its moral bearing and vision in favour of political precision. A deep-seated ennui and an air of pathetic comfort are party to its contribution towards creating the reckless permissive world we see developing before our eyes. This type of exactness distorts the truth; it dismisses the reality of the kingdom of God; it thrashes the idea of the lasting divine panacea Christ is offering the world – nihilism is the new religion on the block.

Imprisoned in their own distractions, modern man appears incapable of independent thought, judgment and discernment. The sheep mentality prevails. The use of all faculties seems suspended in favour of technology and external stimuli. This generation is losing its sense of divine truth and the reality of the existence of the soul – even when their humanity and human existence are in peril. They do not recognise the danger ahead. With branded souls, clouded eyes, dimmed lenses, with perverted minds and corrupt hearts they yearn for the type of freedom that is void of all virtues, values and valour. Yet their criticism is fierce when they attack those who uphold the principles of Christ. They treat the adherents of truth, values, values and valour as enemies of human freedom.

Apparently, modern man is so preoccupied with the rabid carnal proposals of humanism, nihilism, hedonism, and individualism, that they are willing to strip themselves of all moral values and out rightly reject Christian spirituality. It appears also as if they are now incapable of recognising the wonders of God (Ps.8; 101:2), heed the agonizing cries of Christ in Gethsemane (Lk.22:42) or the lamentations of Christ on the Cross (Matt.27:46). In other words, the blaring of neither trumpets nor dirges will sway modern man from their distractions. What can we do to remedy this situation?

St. Paul, writing to Timothy reminded him of the decorum, which distinguishes the children of God from the children of the world. Christ, he presented to Timothy as the ideal model of Christian dignity and thus expected Timothy and his community to emulate Christ. Christ remains the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb.13:8).

Christ will never confuse us or mislead us into error. We are certainly at the crossroads and the sentinels of faith must wake up and help stem the tide that is responsible for the demise of faith and morals and help direct the children of God aback along the path of virtues, values, and valour. We can stem the tide of reckless and callous indifference that is destroying the integrity of our humanity and of our faith.

Lord, grant me the grace to be a beacon of hope in the midst of the approaching waves of darkness.

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