Builders of the Lord’s Temple

MONDAY: Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time


Builders of the Lord’s Temple

On the day of our baptism God the Father, through Christ Jesus set aflame the glow of the Holy Spirit in our respective lives. God also endowed us with the gifts of his kingship and priesthood. Thus, God expects, we will fan that Spirit into a glowing flame while enduring the same passion with his Son Jesus Christ for the growth of his Mystical Body, the Church in the world (2Tim.1:6-8).

Christ is our universal and eternal king. Having incorporated us into his divine being and his priesthood Christ also made us, divine rocks like himself (Matt.16:18) that we may accomplish through our sufferings what is still lacking in his body (Col.1:24). For this reason, Peter reminds us we are with Christ, a holy priesthood; we are offering spiritual sacrifices to God through Christ Jesus. Therefore, we must behave like living stones building up the body of Christ (1Pet.2:5).

Our task, our mission as Christians in the world is to build a spiritual house. In other words, our mandate is to renew the face of the earth and transform it into a spiritual domain. Christ Jesus, today, challenges us to raise the bar. Christians must be a cut above the rest. Their integrity must be as if a lighted lamp placed on a lamp-stand. No one says this is easy. Lighted lamps on lamp-stands even when shaded must battle against oddities to stay alight. Even the lack of fuel can extinguish the flame.

Thus as Cyrus king of Persia was aroused by the Holy Spirit to motivate the inhabitants of Jerusalem to build the Temple of the Lord. So too is Christ prompting us to use our stewardship to build a new image of the Church for the betterment of a better world, today.

Lord, use me and all that I am that your temple and your body will rise in our midst.

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