Conceiving and Birthing Christ

TUESDAY: Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time


Conceiving and Birthing Christ

The dedication of the temple, the celebration of the Passover, and the idea of all the baptised sharing the motherhood of Mary Mother of God once again reignite the discussion on the significance of our consecration as a people of God. Once we are initiated into Christ through Baptism, Confirmation and the Holy Eucharist, we have a unique responsibility to bring Christ into the ends of the earth. God calls us from that moment to make our fiat and to participate in the mystery of the incarnation by accepting and obeying the will of God unconditionally as Mary did.

Our task like Mary is to devote our entire life to the service and mission of Christ until Christ is born again in the hearts of all humankind. In other words, we become bearers of Christ, his ambassadors in the world. Towards this end, Paul was unsparing in naming our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit. Alternatively, God consecrated us in Christ for his glory (1Cor.6:19-20). By virtue of being temples of the Holy Spirit, Paul reminds us, we are instruments of the Holy Spirit, sanctuaries of the Divine Trinity and tabernacles of the incarnate God like Mary. Thus, the statement “my mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and keep” further enhances the notion that all the baptised have a divine role to play in the economy of salvation just as Mary the Mother of God did.

Collectively, St. Peter adds, we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, we are God’s possession (1Pet.2:9). Put differently, we are those who have the mind of Christ (1Cor.2:16). Our food is to do the will of the Father. Thus, like Mary the Mother of Christ, we wake up every given day to make our fiat with humility and conviction. Until the will of God finds fulfilment in our lives.

Again, when Jesus told his listeners we are all his mother, Jesus made the Virgin Mary is a prototype of the Church and its mission in the world. Today Jesus challenges all of us, his followers, all the baptised to rise to the occasion become physically and consciously fortified temples of God in imitation of his mother and his brothers.

Given the lopsided state of Christian values in the world today, it is important to ask the question. What has become of our consecration? How are Christians responding to the Word? Do we still recognise ourselves as the temples of the Lord? Are we still living stones in the body of Christ? What if Archangel Gabriel was to visit us today for a new Annunciation, how would we respond? These are the essential rhetorical questions Jesus was posing to his listeners who told him your mother, your brothers and your sisters are looking for you. In other words, if you recognise my family and relatives, if they stand out among you – then you go forth and be the same as them – because you are all my intended family. It is from among you I will be born again in every generation.

Lord, let my heart be the womb where you are conceived and I will mother you and birth you wherever you send me. .

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