The Architect of the New World with Christ

WEDNESDAY: Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time


The Architect of the New World with Christ

The mission of the Church in the world is unambiguously clear in the mind of Christ. She is the architect of the new world with Christ. She has an enormous task to overthrow the empire of sin, evil and wickedness. This is a very tall order. As Mother and Teacher, she is the custodian the sacred goods of the kingdom and the divine virtues and values espoused in the Old and New Testaments. She is the formator of the consciousness of God’s children contracted to build the new heaven and the new earth in collaboration with Christ Jesus.

Guided by the Holy Spirit she redeems and liberates humankind from all oppressive historical, social, political, economic, and religious situations, and conditions that are in conflict with the divine transformation of the human person. She nurses them back to spiritual health and wellness until they fit the divine designation God has in mind for the whole of humankind (Jn.3:16; 10:10; Lk.4:18). In other words, the Church is the sentinel of hope and human transformation. She upholds the principles of the gospel and encourages humankind to embrace the fortitude and heroism of Christ for their own sanctification, justification, and glory, for the glory of God, and the renewal of the face of the earth.

The Holy Spirit guides the Church’s missionary activity in the world, in building a divine utopia on earth, which reflects the true nature of the kingdom of God in heaven (Matt.6:10; Acts.2:22-24). For the sake of this Paradise on earth, Jesus encourages her shepherds to be lived expressions of the kenosis. In other words, they must possess the ability to empty themselves in loving God and others for the sake of the kingdom of God (Jn.13:34-35). They must live a life unharnessed by the trivialities of the world and completely disposed to doing God’s will at a cost to themselves (Lk.14:26).

In every century, the historical, social, political, economic and religious conditions make the need for the Church and its mission urgent ever more urgent. Take a closer look at our present global context. Human suffering keeps intensifying. The degradation of the human person is alarming. The disregard for virtues, values and valour is blatant. Christianity is I agony. The human condition is lamentable. The need for liberation and the redemption from sin, evil, oppression and ever-increasing new diseases are in great demand. Like Ezra, today’s clergy must take cognizance of this crisis. They must prostrate themselves before the altar of the Lord pleading for his mercy and for his strength to save the remnant and to deliver this generation from the various isms enthralling the youths but are gradually leading them into slavery and exile from God.

O God, awaken us to the imposing darkness that confronts us today. Infuse in us the fire of your Holy Spirit and your love. Make us audacious servants of your kingdom, willing to endure the Cross-for the renewal of the earth.

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