Beware of Troubled A Conscience

THURSDAY: Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time


Beware of Troubled A Conscience

David’s Miserere (Ps.51) and his Candid Confession (Ps.32) are powerful insights into a damning conscience begging for liberation and freedom. One can never silence the truth. To use an analogy from Christ, concealed truth is like fresh wine in an old wine-skin. The fermentation process will ruin the already weakened skin. With sin and sinful secrets, the conscience is under persistent strain and on the verge of erupting. Sleepless nights and a disturbed mind will plague those who persist in their sins and wallow in their secrecy (Ps.68:21). The slightest shadow disturbs their silence and peace eludes them. They are forever haunted by their past.

Herod’s perpetual restlessness at the mere mention of John the Baptist’s name or anything reminiscent of John’s shadow spelt torment for Herod. Such atrocious and useless violence against the truth was never necessary. Again, political correctness and idealism are enemies of the soul. They can transform us into enemies of our souls as was with Herod, Herodias, his idealistic unbreakable oat the execution of John the Baptist to appease Herodias and the guests –Herod remained a troubled man ever since.

The talk of about Christ distressed Herod. Why? How would he face or respond to John’s accusation? How would you and me respond to our innocent victims come back life searching for answers? That is frightening, to say the least. That was Herod’s predicament at the sound of the name of Jesus whom he through was John and had come back to life.

The Gospel today is a vivid reminder that as Christians in the world we must act conscientiously –walk away from the wave of political correctness now sweeping the world. It will lead us down into the burial ground of nihilism and idealism. Listen to the voice of conscience. Conscience is the voice of God planted in the human soul that says do the right thing; you will be eternally free form guilt, suffering, sorrow and distress. God made us free, never tormented. In such cases when we have erred do be afraid to make full use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) which the Lord instituted for our deliverance and freedom from guilt and sin (Lev. 5:1-26; Jn.20:23; Jas.5:16) but never try to conceal your sin they will torment you forever (Prov.28:13).

O God, we thank you for your extravagant ceaseless healing love and salvation. Your sacraments are our source of solace. We come to the well of salvation. Fill our empty buckets and we will be complete again

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