Christ is our Glory

SATURDAY: Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time


Christ is our Glory

The deeper we plunge into the mysteries of God the greater will be our ability to accept the realities of life and death. Jesus by his willful acceptance of his identity as the suffering servant of God taught us how to live and how to die in the love, the service and protection of God.

Life in this present form is transitory. Not even Christ, in the flesh, escaped the temporary human existence. He suffered and died like all men and women, will. Despite his suffering and death, which he freely accepted Christ never resented doing, and fulfilling the Father’s will. Christ, without restrictions, he endured his suffering, rejection and death but he always added God would raise him up again.

Suffering, rejection, death is not commonplace in our daily vocabulary. In fact, we are very dismissive at the thought of them and even when they form part of a conversation, we play as if we are daft. We do not want to entertain the thought of any of them. However, as Christians, we cannot continue to be dismissive of suffering, rejection and death if indeed God calls us to be to another Christ in the world.

By freely accepting his fate, Christ demonstrated for us the truth that God never abandons his chosen people. This is eloquently expressed in today’s first reading: God himself will dwell in the midst of his people. He will be the wall around them. In other words, alive or dead we belong to him and no torment shall ever debar us from the glories of God. Invariable, it is by submitting to God’s will that we will share in the fullness of God’s glory by ding in Christ and rising with Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ, your passion and death is our glory. Thank you.

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