Discipleship and Spirituality

WEDNESDAY: Twenty-sixth Week in Ordinary Time


Discipleship and Spirituality

Losing our self-centeredness is itself a gift. When this happens, we are merely shedding dead weight. We are responsibly peeling away cataracts from our eyes. We are resigning from futility to encounter the usefulness of our human existence through the eyes and the divine plan of God has in mind for us all. When we embrace this divine plan in collaboration with Christ and his mission in their totality, we are clutching at a reality that is bigger than we are and larger than the world. Like phoenixes, we will rise from the ashes of our myopia and the destructiveness of materialism, secularism, nihilism and hedonism to rediscover the divine presence within us as agents the new heavens, the new earth and the New Jerusalem God is building for us and with. In other words, this is the level of transcendence God and Christ have in mind for us. Is this level of human transformation still possible in today’s world?

Remember Christ prayed to ask the Father to keep us in the world; keep us mindful that we are no longer of the world; and consecrate us to the truth (Jn.17:15-17). In other words, Christ made us his divine presence on earth. Human transcendence, therefore, is possible when we conscientiously disengage the material world, let go of dead weight, extricate ourselves from family and from loved ones who are likely to impede our spiritual growth and development as well as our complete engagement in the Lord’s vineyard. However, we must acknowledge that the call to discipleship and spirituality are lifelong struggles and it involves many internal conflicts before we can arrive at the expected level of human and spiritual transformation God has in mind for us as his children – his image and likeness. Conversely, this process must evoke in us a sense of our Christian identity.

Once we rediscover our Christian consciousness and our Christian identity we must acknowledge that our Baptismal Promise has already bound us to faithful discipleship and an ongoing spiritual formation which enable us to freely detach ourselves from everything that is likely possible to hinder our spiritual growth and enable us to fulfil the course of discipleship.

In today’s gospel, Jesus calls us to make a definitive choice: we have the option to choose between him, our self-interest, the dead weight, or the human relationships that will invariably take us down the path of self-destruction.

O God, you alone are my God.

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