Our Sin and Our Downfall

FRIDAY: Twenty-sixth Week in Ordinary Time


Our Sin and Our Downfall

Apathy towards religion and spirituality in today’s world is rampant, bold and disquieting. While we must concern ourselves with global warming, we also must take cognizance of our way of life, and its negative impacts on the environment. Sin affects not only God and humans but also the whole of creation. The world has become progressively and unsafe place for all forms of life – thanks to the disobedience of humankind. Mother Nature is retaliating; she is angry; she is wreaking havoc; human existence is in danger because our environment is under intense stress due to our own willful negligence.

Nature’s stress is symptomatic of a deep-seated spiritual disorder plaguing the heart and soul of humankind. Ingrained, in the human heart is the spirit of disobedience, greed, and rebellion against God and the quest to live independently of God’s reigns. Humankind always wants to be equal or even superior to God, to charter their own destiny but like the children of Babel, the whole process turns out into confusion and disaster. Horrible things happen, when humankind walk away from the righteousness of God. We curse our own selves.

The truth is “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people (Prov.14:34).” Both Baruch and Christ Jesus, respectively, in today’s Liturgy of the Word, lament over the plight of the people. Sin reduced the respective generations to ruins. At present, sin has lost its biblical and canonical meaning; it is finding new definitions in civil law around the world. Lasciviousness, lewdness, libidinousness, sodomy and many forms of immoral human activities, offensive to God and human holiness are acceptable and given the status of human rights. The sins of the past are today’s privileges. Sin is never a privilege nor an option for Christians since it is an act of rebellion against God and holiness. Today Christianity and morality are treated as inhibitors; society believes they prevent genuine human growth – that is a lie. Sin destroys us. It strips us of our inheritance with God and coheir with Chris.

Today we are like zombies. We behave like soulless beings. We thrive on the blood of the helpless. Mayhem is consuming us. Disaster after disaster befalls us. The youths have grown overtly insolent and violent. It looks as if the world is cursed – no one is listening any more – people’s wants have surpassed their needs for salvation, according to the Prophet Baruch. Christ, in turn, is lamenting our plight. Ingratitude towards his selfless loves and actions, all go unnoticed and unappreciated with greater preference given to sin and a form of reckless hedonism sustained by the doctrines of humanism, nihilism and individualism. We hold the sacred in disdain.

Today God is calling us to account for our misuse of his time, talents, and treasures. He is calling us back to our senses. How shall we respond? Shall we conform to his demands or continue to embrace the philosophies of men and women who are leading us further and deeper into chaos?

O God, send us help from your high heaven. Turn our hearts and minds back to you. Save us, Lord, or we perish.

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