Forgiveness is Unconditional Love

WEDNESDAY: Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time


Forgiveness is Unconditional Love

Unforgiveness dwells in the past. It thrives on vengeance. It is meticulous and callous in its calculations on the outcome of the offender. Death and destruction are their rewards. Unforgiveness is a self-inflicted selfish incurable disease. It inflicts its subjects, confines them to hellish conditions, and allow them to wallow in self-pity. This was a difficult phase for Jonah who tried to impose limits on God’s love, mercy, compassion and solidarity for the people and the land of Nineveh. Never withhold God’s mercy and forgiveness when he appoints us as his ambassadors among his people. We may not be able to endure the consequences.

Forgiveness lives in the future. It flourishes on compassion, love, mercy and solidarity. It feeds off the Commandments. It honours God, builds community and fosters a spirit of peace, equality, fraternity, sorority, bread and justice for all. God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. He finds pleasure in their conversion. His option is conversion and eternal life (Eze.18:23).

God loves the world and has no desire to condemn it or to destroy humankind (Jn.3:16-17). The salvation of Nineveh and The Lord’s Prayer are eloquent testimonies of the intention of God and his plan of salvation. God is building a kingdom founded on righteousness, justice, peace, fraternity and sorority and a strong moral consciousness where every human person will exhibit the qualities and characteristics of God. Like Jonah and Christ, that is our unique mission in the world as members of the community of prophets with Christ –to bring forgiveness to the world (2Cor.5:20). Forgiveness is unconditional love, mercy, compassion and solidarity with others who fall out of grace with God and with others. However, unforgiveness is the eternal damnation of the arrogant man or woman.

Lord, teach me how to overcome hate and to love unreservedly as you love us all.

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