I Am Waiting on the Lord

THURSDAY: Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time


I Am Waiting on the Lord

Faith is the school of discipleship, perseverance and devotion; the lecture hall where the children of God learn and acquire the gifts of the Holy Spirit and graduate by reproducing the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Christians are those who embrace the virtues and values of God. They reject everything that is contrary to the spirit of the Beatitudes and dedicate their lives to sustaining God’s plan of redemption and salvation of the world to the very end at any cost to their lives (Lk.14:26).

Faith is also the institute of redemptive suffering where God’s children learn the virtues of humility, meekness, obedience, patience, endurance, empathy and the ability to beseech unceasingly the kindness of God the Father for their ultimate good and the redemption of others. The ultimate good is to be perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect (Matt.5:48). Every act of fulfilling a selfless deed requires us to die to ourselves in loving others who, sometimes, might never appreciate nor recognise the sacrifice it entailed. That is empathy when we can overlook the ingratitude of others and still love them in the name of God and Christ Jesus who will judge us worthy of his kingdom in the end.

Schools form our character. They help us define ourselves, shape our future and to articulate our vision. The same applies to the rule of faith and our formation in Christ Jesus. Once rooted in Christ, the children of God become increasingly conscious of the last things: death, judgment and dissolution. The last things challenge us to think, to act and behave morally. Why? Because we know the end times is an inescapable reality. The sheep and the goats will have an equal opportunity to give a true and honest account of their stewardship and each will receive the reward due to them (Mal. 3:31-20; Matt.25:31-46).

Today’s Liturgy of the Word, inclusive of the Responsorial Psalm and the Gospel Acclamation all remind us of the need for training in the ways of the Lord and how to prepare ourselves for the Day of the Lord. The Father and the Son are unambiguous in their desire for their children to endure long-suffering towards a perfect end. The persistent begging for bread to feed a visitor as portrayed in the Gospel is demonstrative of the quality of faith, hope, perseverance, humility, meekness and endurance necessary if we are to succeed in the end. God will never burden his children with unnecessary encumbrances; he will only lavish the best and the most needed gifts upon those who wait for him with love and devotion (Lk.11:5-13).

Lord, I will wait and call upon with love and devotion and will never grow weary in your presence.

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