Need for a Rebirth

FRIDAY: Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time


Need for a Rebirth

It is irrefutable. A spiritual crisis exists. An exodus to nowhere is ongoing. People are drifting from faith and grace to nihilism and individualism. Humankind is behaving as if they are the beginning and the end to themselves and as if there will be no accountability at end of time. Spirituality is waning, rapidly. The fabric of the Church and the society, simultaneously are weakening, quickly. The state of the society is an exposition of the weakness existing within the sanctuary and even our seminaries. There is cause for concern. There is a dire need for another Joel to remind the Church of the crucial necessity of the holiness of the priesthood and the religious life and the vital importance of an ongoing evangelization for the renewal of the world.

However, the first Joel has already spoken. As ministers of the Word and sacraments, the Word is already within our reach. History is repeating itself. It was the defiance of Israel, which landed them into exile in Egypt and in Babylon. How long will it take before we follow Joel’s prescription and embrace the task of the urgent revival of the Church in the world today? Evangelization and the holiness of the people of God was never a luxury but a requirement for the redemption and salvation of the world.

Joel calls for us urgent withdrawal from the complacent lifestyle now afflicting the church and the priesthood. He makes an urgent appeal to all of us: embrace all the necessary austerity measures that will enable us to concentrate on both the spiritual needs of the clergy and the laity. Pope St. John Paul II echoed Joel’s plea at the dawn of the new millennium. His appeal for a new evangelization looks as if it were ignored. Consequently, as Isaiah prophesied, “Like the blind, we feel our way along walls and hesitate like men without eye. We stumble as through moon were twilight and dwell in the dark like the dead (Is.59:10).” Under such condition, Job refers to us as gropers and staggering drunkards (Job.12:25).

Christians in the world today are victims of bad choices all because of low spiritual consciousness. The rush towards the esoteric cults is rampant today. The demand for instant gratifications, instant wealth and instant success are driving people deeper and deeper into the occult and the demands for exorcism is growing at an alarming rate. The Church must be conscious of the needs of her sons and daughters and be ready to rescue them as Christ did. We must stand ready to silence the uproar of the devil and his angels. However, that will be an impossible mission without a strong spirituality.

Lord, rekindle in us the fire of your love.

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