Working towards the End

SATURDAY: Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time


Working towards the End

Sowing time is vital for the survival of any farm or vineyard. Without it, there will be no harvest. Our time spent in the valley of sorrows is our sowing time in anticipation of our eternal harvest. When we sow the seeds of faith we shall reap the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit (Matt.5:1-12). Thin sowing, thin reaping at harvest time (Gal.6:6-18). Cultivating a farm is no walk in the park. It involves toil and sweat. We must compete with the elements for the longevity and productivity of the farm. The life of Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the prophets, Christ Jesus, the apostles and the early Christians tell us working in the vineyard of the Lord is riddled with challenges – the Beatitudes say it all. Every day is a life-threatening experience to protect the interest of our divine labour and the eternal harvest.

Accountability is a priority for all Christians. Bear in mind, we are all tenants and farmers of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and reapers of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We cannot afford the luxury of imitating the wicked husbandmen. Like them, we will be thrown out of the vineyard for our inability to handover the harvest at the appointed time (Matt. 21:33-46). Try as hard as we must, no one can exterminate the Father or the Son who are rightful owners of the harvest. However, rest assured that if we work together with the Father and the Son we will all be heirs of God and coheirs with Christ.

God in his great love and his good intentions encourages us to produce the appropriate fruits towards harvest time. He keeps us forever mindful of the end times. As the Liturgical season ends, so too the Liturgy of the Word reminds us of our stewardship, our accountability and of our imminent end here on earth. Joel in today’s first reading has done an excellent job reminding us that our stewardship here on earth is a divine responsibility and we must prepare ourselves to bring in the fruit of the vine and to give an account of our stewardship.

Jesus for his part wishes to remind us that while the Church is our mother it is not enough for us to suck her breast dry of her milk. No! We have a direct responsibility to reciprocate her generosity, her love and her stewardship by behaving and responding accordingly to her instructions and allow her to shape our consciousness until we are capable of being her ambassadors wherever we go.

Your joy is my strength, O Lord. Renew your strength within me.

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