Faith and Love

MONDAY: Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time


Faith and Love

Faith is a gift of self-effacing reciprocated love on the part of those who understand the profound affection God is lavishing on humankind and his thoughtful solidarity with the world despite its sinful nature (Phil.2:7). Faith is a conscientious unquestionable admiration and imitation of virtues, the values and the valour of Christ. We live and love do the will of God. Faith and love are synonymous (Jn.14:23).

Obedience is the essence of faith and love. It is the natural free will response of the admirer's deep and strong affection for God who first demonstrated his unconditional love for us and refuses to allow any human, global, environmental, political, economic or religious condition to disrupt that bond (Rom.8:35-37). Thus, faith and love unconditionally embrace its admirer’s word and ultimately seek ways of building an unbreakable communion to live together and desire to share all things as one family (Acts.2:42; Rev.3:20). Death does not dissolve that bond (Rom.14:7-12). In fact, death in the faith of Christ and love of God transcend the human condition to make believers true heirs of God and coheirs with Christ Jesus. God never forgets his beloved sons and daughters (Is.49:14-16).

Faith and true love invest their entire energies and future in the truth. Not fantasies, not miracles but in the credibility of each other –especially in our relationship with God. Faith and love flourish and transcend the admirer and the beloved only when all suspicions give way to absolute trust and truth. The moment untruth and mistrust step into that relationship, self-esteem dies a natural death and faith diminishes. Mistrust will be the lifeblood of the disharmony that dominates whatever is left of that relationship. Faith and love die where uncertainty and caginess are evident.

Today’s generation has broken faith with God. The Gospel, the commandments are viewed with misgivings. The humanist and hedonist believe scripture is encroaching on human rights and freedom. Political correctness, hedonism, individualism, humanism and economic expediency dominate the conversation of our age while human degradation is on the rise and is treated as the acceptable norm. Miracles, healing, exorcism have become saleable commodities – the bigger the problem, the heftier the charge – the more expedient the miracle the gullible expect. The power of faith and divine love supersede the value of all things money can buy. In this regard, wickedness and exploitation have become scuttle. However, modern man prefers the scuttle things more that faith and truth, which Christ Jesus is offering us.

To depart from faith is to depart from the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A life that is void of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is one that is void of Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, and Fortitude. It will rely only on the things of the flesh and worldly philosophies. Life in this respect becomes an effortless drift toward the mundane. Eventually, it will disconnect itself from true faith in God and love of God. At this stage, grace becomes meaningless and we lose complete sight of our apostolic mission as Christians in the world.

O God, strengthen us in our weakness. Do not allow us to fall victim to the pressures of our time. Keep us faithful to our divine mission in the world.

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