A Rare Syncretism

TUESDAY: Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time


A Rare Syncretism

There is a rare form of syncretism taking place within Christianity as we speak. Speculative philosophers are creating their own theological paradigms, which discredit not only Catholic theism but also divine revelation, sacred scripture and sacred tradition to create a rare form of syncretism – a universal popular religion. A type of religion structured on esoteric beliefs, which gives full reign to filthy enjoyments and hedonistic practices; all of which dishonour the human body and outwardly reject divine truth, faith and grace in exchange for a licentious way of life while still claiming to be authentic Christians.

Christianity’s founder is Christ. Thus, the Church exists for the sake of promoting belief in God and Christ. Its summary objective is the complete transcendence and transubstantiation of those who embrace the virtues, values, and valour of sacred scripture that they may live eternally with God in the kingdom of heaven. The Christian lifestyle, authentically, can only be lived and interpreted in the context of divine revelation, sacred scripture and sacred traditions left behind by the first community of Apostles and Disciples of Christ. Christians, therefore, must possess the mind of Christ, live in Christ, exist in Christ, and have their being in Christ. Anything contrary to the above-mention is a distortion of the Way, the Truth, the Light and the Life. Why?

Christian spirituality and impiety, depravity, untruths, and wickedness are irreconcilable. Why? Because everything, which opposes Christian spirituality, contradicts truth. Thus, whatever obstructs truth deprives humankind of reproducing in their mortal bodies the immortal nature, which God has destined for those who will find life through faith and grace. Humankind is created in the image and likeness of God to mirror the perfection of God. Thus, humankind must reject everything that is inconsistent with the process of their transcendence and transubstantiation if they are to become true models of Christ in the world.

Christianity is not a “look good” and “feel good” parade of charlatans. Christ Jesus in Luke 11:37-41 has categorically explained the whole notion of Christianity is about interiorizing the persona of God and becoming perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect (Matt.5:48). In other words, it is useless to look good, feel good externally while distortion and wickedness are creating havoc on the inside.

Given our present historical, social, political and distorted religious context, governments in certain parts of the world are mandating the corruption of minds and hearts of children in their early childhood. While the world is rapidly becoming intolerant of Christian virtues, values, and valour. It is becoming increasingly tolerant of the philosophies of darkened minds bent on corrupting the world and out rightly reject God. In all of this, the Church is as silent as a mouse waiting to pounce on the block of cheese once the lights are out. My friends let us turn on the lights and the heat. Let us send evil and wickedness scampering. Let us give God the glory in our holiness.

Lord, save us or we perish.

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