Growing in Faith

SATURDAY: Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time


Growing in Faith

Faith is a covenant between God and humankind working together towards creating perfect humanity, a new heaven and a new earth. Covenants are unbreakable bonds between two parties who seek to weather both joys and trials together for the sake of preserving their commitment and fidelity to each other in achieving a common goal (Rom.8:35-37). The summary events of Abraham’s life and his commitment to God, the birth of Isaac, the sacrifice of Isaac were prototypes of the events of Christ’s birth, passion, death and triumph. Both Abraham and Christ endured every ordeal in life with grace –they never said no to God. God’s will took priority over their personal interests even when their personal human importance was in peril.

Faith is a radical commitment to surrender one’s entire being and existence to obey God’s will at the expense of our own mortal existence to preserve the integrity of our conjugal relationship with God (Mk.8:36; Is.54:5). Only by doing God’s will can a person protect the integrity of his soul in which the image and like of God dwells.

At creation, God blew his breath into humankind’s nostrils and humankind became living beings (Gen.2:7). Long before humankind was aware of God’s existence and presence the breath of God, the Holy Spirit is what sustains life in them. Without the Holy Spirit, we die and return to dust and the spirit will return to God (Ps.104:29; Job.34:14; Sir.12:7). Independent of God, a person cannot have neither a body nor a soul. To condemn, to blaspheme, and to negate the Holy Spirit is to condemn our very selves. Who in his/her good senses will conscientiously condemn God, break faith with him, denounce him and still expect to inherit the benefits God bestowed on Abraham and Christ (Phil.2:5-11)?

True faith makes us humble and obedient servants of God like Abraham and Christ. We must never say no to God. It is always God’s will, never ours (Gen.22:1-18; Lk.22:42). Faith, put differently, is a radical consignment of the heart, mind, body, soul and spirit to God, to do his will that we may live triumphantly with him in the kingdom of heaven. Do we have faith today?

Lord, increase our faith.

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