The Indiminishable Treasures of the Kingdom

THURSDAY: Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time


The Indiminishable Treasures of the Kingdom

God made us indiminishable treasures of his kingdom. He purchased us with the precious blood of his only Beloved Son, Jesus Christ (1Pet.1:19). No weapon form against us, no lying lips will prosper. God will always protect us (Is.54:17). No! Not even death can devalue the integrity of our souls in the hand of God (Wis.3:19). Etched in the palm of his hands, we are unforgettable and imperishable (Is.49:16).

The Psalmist assures us, God is our defence; God is our rescuer; God will save us from those who condemn us (Ps. 108:12.31; Lk.1:71). God in Christ was so determined to save us that he could not resist risking his own life under the threats of Herod to bring his mission to completion. He knew he was destined to die for the salvation of the world and he embraced every inch of the challenge, which confronted him for our redemption and our salvation.

Love is fluent in the language of lamentations. It knows well how to reproach lapses and infelicities in order to solicit a change of heart without condemning the estranged spouse. True love never chastises without offering the jilter an option to abandon his/her folly and impropriety. The idea of genuine lamentation and reproach is to lure the object of your love back into one’s life and heart. Christ is fluent in speaking the dialect love at is the best.

In today’s Liturgy of the Word, God in Christ demonstrates all the parameters of his bountiful love for the world; he gives us the absolute guarantee, he will save us in his love. The choice is ours. We can embrace his love unconditionally tour benefit or we can reject it outrightly to our own detriment. Our benefit would be to embrace it so that when Christ comes we would be included among the throng saying “Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord (Lk.13:35)!

For the gift of the treasure in my soul, O Lord, I give your thanks and praise.

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