Discipleship, Discipline and Wisdom

WEDNESDAY: Thirty-first Week in Ordinary Time


Discipleship, Discipline and Wisdom

Discipleship with Christ is a radical commitment to embrace the wisdom of God in its entirety. It challenges those who claim it to make the integrity of God as their own. It calls men and women to align themselves to Christ and live a prudent lifestyle, which reflects the virtues, values, and valour of Christ. Discipleship guarantees who follow Christ true peace and stability (Matt.11:28-30) if they follow the precepts of God (2Chr.7:14). In other words, those who walk in the footsteps of Christ and rely on the will of God the Father as their food will one day boldly confess with Peter that Jesus is the source of eternal life and the best choice in life is to stay with Christ (Jn.6:68).

Divine love means observing the laws of wisdom, striving towards incorruptibility, becoming faithful friends with God with our eyes fixed on the eternal kingdom (Wis.6:19-20). Jesus taught us this lesson very early in his boyhood in the Temple. He asked his parents, “Why are you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be busy with my Father’s affairs (Lk.2:49).” Here Jesus taught the following: discipleship, discipline, and wisdom are synonymous in the pursuit of discipleship and Christian spirituality. The trio (DDW) binds to debt of pure and unconditional love to fulfil the will of God over all things. In other words, DDW is canons of the covenant of the type of Caritas and Filial love we share in common with God the Father and the Son – all of which perfects the governance of Christian stewardship.

Both Christ Jesus in the Gospel and Paul in the first reading of today invite us to embrace the wisdom of God over partiality towards family, friends, relations, benefactors and adherence to real estate. If we do, we will never diverge from the truth and from the genuine spirit of divine love and the call to imitate Christ Jesus. In brief, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Prov.9:10) and genuine discipleship, discipline and Christian stewardship depend on doing the will of God our Father in imitation of Christ Jesus our Lord and saviour.

O Lord, grant me the wisdom from above that I may be disposed to doing your will above my personal interests and that of my family, relation, friends and benefactors so that your will may be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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