Wisdom and Integrity

MONDAY: Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time


Wisdom and Integrity

With every phase of human development, be it biological, historical, social, political, industrial, technological, economic, or otherwise, the occasion of sin magnifies – especially when people depend solely on their intellectual prowess and resourcefulness at the behest of their individual wants/agenda. Deprived of divine wisdom humankind’s entire anima (mind, soul and spirit) is thrown into a quandary. Their ability to act with integrity, to grow in righteousness, and to stand in solidarity with others is enfeebled by self-interest. There lie the possibilities for sin and self-destruction.

Such occasions, sadly enough, many, do not recognise as obstacles in the path of our human growth and spiritual development. Consequently, misguided, as they are, they lead many innocent and materialistic conscious individuals astray and through the tube of depravity. Intellectually, technologically and materialistically, we have come of age. However, spiritually, modern man is regressing at an alarming rate. Righteousness, justice, peace and morality no longer matter. Forgiveness is an estranged language. Vengeance’s voice towers. Offenders must pay with their life and blood.

Perfection is never instantaneous. It is an ongoing battle of the tension between the flesh and the spirit. Humankind needs to rely on the wisdom of God as the referee, the judge, and the executioner of all human decisions and actions. Only the wisdom of God can direct every person toward holiness. The Beatitudes are the simplified version of the wisdom of God and the virtues, values and valour that will guarantee our holiness and perfection.

Wisdom leads to faith. Faith guides us towards stability in our relationship with God. Our relationship with God compels us to love just as God has loved us. This is the gist of Christ’s response to his disciples, “Were your faith the size of a mustard seed you would say to this mulberry tree. “Be uprooted and planted in the sea, and it would obey you (Lk.17:6).” In other words, humankind guided by faith and wisdom conquers all things, physical and spiritual. They will be victorious over sin and evil and be for others their salt and their light (Matt.5:13-14).” Christ as a mustard seed moved the world; he is still transforming it. We can imitate him by doing the same.

O God, grant me wisdom from above and I will be your salt and light in the world and on earth.

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