FRIDAY: Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time



This generation is like the seeds that fell among thorns (Matt.13:17). They are chocked by distractions. Technology, ideologies, politics, drugs, impiety and a false notion of freedom keep them unfocused. Meanwhile, their awareness of God is fading fast. Spirituality is evaporating; social skills are dying; human interaction and discourse are in turmoil. Fascinated by for the din and glamour of life, God, Jesus Christ, any talk on morality and spirituality is treated as outdated. The Church is becoming increasingly unimportant in our present culture. Stewardship of the earth, Christian stewardship have all but lost their meaning. The commotions and attractions of the flesh appear more attractive and engaging than God and the Church.

The author of Wisdom 13:1-9 begs us to pay attention to our innate stupidity. Do not allow the fascinations of the passing world to distract us from recognising the author of creation. All things, regardless of the beauty and goodliness, the prophet reminds us, are transient. They will fade with time but the word of God endures for ever (Is.40:6; 1Pet.1:24).

Christ himself noted the value of the human soul is irreplaceable. It above the price of anything worldly (Mk.8:36). That is to say, humankind must never forget the image and likeness of God etched into their souls. Thus, everyone should avoid doing anything to compromise its integrity or else they will self-destruct (Ps.82:6-7; Jn.10:34). The parable of the prodigal son prefigures the downfall of this generation; it also provides a hopeful future for those who come to their senses and imitate his return to the Father (Lk.15:11-32).

It is in this context that Jesus recalled the catastrophes of Noah, and Sodom to remind us of the dangers of worldly distractions and reckless engagement with things and relationships without taking heed of the signs of the time. The same can happen repeatedly. However, that is not God’s plan for us. God has no plan for us to end us as useless carcasses for the vultures (Lk.17:26-37). His plan for us is peace and a hopeful and glorious future (Jer.29:11; 2Chr.7:14).

In the midst of the ongoing commotion, people are still searching for meaning. Sadly, however, they expect to discover relevance and meaning only in the things that excite them. Instead, many end up becoming addicts; they lose their humanity to something inferior to themselves and end up discrediting the image and likeness of God in them. The opposite is true. Those who put their trust in God will renew their strength; they will soar like eagles; they will run and never stumble; they will walk and never weary (Is.40:31).

What then must we do? Follow the vision and plan God has in mind for our joy, happiness and salvation. Only in God, humankind will ascertain their true selves and achieve eternal happiness. Everything else is folly.

O God, you are my sentinel. I will stop at every crossroad to seek your counsel. Guide me and lead me. I will follow.

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