Preserving Faith

WEDNESDAY: Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time


Preserving Faith

Each child is a bundle of time, talent, and treasure entrusted to the stewardship of the parents by God. As first teachers and stewards of the family, parents have the charge to assimilate their children into every culture into which they are born and to transmit faith and traditional moral values that will shape the integrity of each child as a perfect citizen on earth and a saint in the kingdom of heaven. Schools, especially Catholic schools, have the same responsibility to enhance those social and traditional moral values if we are to create a well-balanced society and citizens who are morally responsible and will act with integrity.

The mother of the seven sons in 2 Maccabees 7:1.20-31 is remarkable. Her fortitude is noteworthy. Her notion of motherhood, teacher and steward of God are honourably and worthy of emulation. Her courage, her resilience, her determination to persuade her seven sons to endure death and to preserve their integrity and faith is admirable. In her role, she prefigured the Church and her mission in the world as mother and teacher of the children of God. This mother never abdicated her responsibility to the State. She never caved in under the exerted pressures of a government drifting towards paganism. This woman prefigured Christ. He died to save integrity and truth. Her seven sons symbolize the seven sacraments through which Christ by the power of his grace strengthen the human soul to live and die as pure and worthy stewards of the kingdom of God.

Similarly, Jesus in the division of talents in Luke.19:11-28 includes all of us as members of his community of disciples and of his Mystical Body in the world to do the same as the mother of the seven sons in Maccabees. We must invest every talent, Christ has entrusted to the Church. The new wave of “paganization” of the world must challenge us to rise up and take our stewardship seriously. We are accountable to God for every human soul entrusted to us as Church, mother, teacher and stewards of sacred goods of the kingdom.

My limbs are the work of your hands, created for the service of the kingdom. Keep me, O God, faithful to your vision and mission to the end.

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