Rededicating Ourselves to God

FRIDAY: Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time

1Mac.4:36-37. 52-59/1Chr.29:10-12/Lk.19:45-48

Rededicating Ourselves to God

Mindful of our present drift from God and the consequences of our iniquities, if we let him, Jesus is ready to purge our temples. He will drive away all the extortion, corruption and desecration from our mortal bodies. He will rededicate us once more as his chosen people, his holy nation and his people set apart to sing the praises of our God.

Not all is lost. There is still a remnant. We must pray that this vestige will not fossilize with time. They will continue to raise their voices and keep the flame of faith and the Spirit of the Beatitudes alive until the Lord comes again. Our triumph in this battle is the Lord. The earth and its fullness are his; we merely his servants who must keep his commandments and precepts to the end.

O God, I dedicate my entire life to you. Do with me whatever you will.

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