Prepare for the Last Day

SATURDAY: Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time


Prepare for the Last Day

Naturally foolish are the authors of impieties who rely on their caprice, their might, and their conquest for their namesake and expediency. Days of darkness and melancholy await them. The obsession of transgressors, those who rely on war, heroic acts, and evil adventures to refute the existence of God or the glory given to God, the dirges of the kingdom of darkness will be their last fanfare. I have witnessed the agony of evil men and women. They were tumultuous and tempestuous. Unlike good people who spoke of their passing as a transition from life unto life. The last days of the wicked were as if wild beats killed against their will.

Judging by David’s candid confession (Ps.32) and my personal witness of the dying, young and old alike, I know the wages of impiety are darkness and gloom. The dying have premonitions of the afterlife. Their accounts of the previews of hell are horrendous. The last days of King Antiochus were no less the same. His regrets were many.

Irreverence and the mockery of God have dire consequences. Our naked eye is blind to the after-effects of our stupidity. The urges of the flesh obscure all our vision; they close all windows through which we can take a quick peep at the heavens; they deprive us of glimpsing at the previews God provides for us in the scriptures; they deprive us the glory of a life of grace. Remember! Life in the flesh is brief. Our conquest, our dreams, our exploits and earthly victory at the expense of the soul and life after death are of no value to us in the end. Such insanity of our impieties are exhibitions of our lack of wisdom and our unwillingness to admit there is a life after death (Ps.90; Wis.3:1-9).

The first reading the Gospel combined must serve as revelations for us. Our end will come. Nothing in this life will matter. Ownership to our inheritance, our relationships will end here. William Shakespeare reminds us: “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is often interred with their bones.” Let us live a holy life and our end will be peaceful.

O God, prepare me and keep me always, on the right path into your kingdom.

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