Faith and Conviction

MONDAY: Last Week in Ordinary Time


Faith and Conviction

There is a slogan, which says when in Rome, you behave like the Romans. There is nothing wrong in assimilating positive aspects of other people’s culture and traditions. However, such sayings can provide a license for amoral living, if taken literally. Remember! Christian virtues, values, and valour are not up for grabs. Christians should never compromise their qualities, standards and courage for anything less –no matter how lucrative that something is. Our faith is our ultimate treasure. It requires us to take a more assertive role in maintaining the ethical character of the kingdom of God and our Christian identity.

There will always be seemingly profitable opportunities in life to tempt us to undermine our Christian principles. The challenge lies heavily on our faith conviction to remain true to our faith to the very end. Daniel in today’s first reading stands out as a towering model of faith and conviction worthy of emulation. Daniel was determined to preserve his integrity and to spare himself of all defilement.

How many of us would not be tempted by rich food, fine wines and sumptuous deserts and be spoiled by the luxury of a princely lifestyle? But, at what price? Remember the saying! There is never a free lunch. There are always strings attached where flattery applies.

Daniel in the first reading today prefigured Christ in his temptation. By his refusal of the king’s bait, Daniel insinuated that “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God (Deut.8:3; Matt.4:4). Daniel endured his hardships. He preserved his integrity and still achieved the position God had intended for him. The same applies to Christ Jesus: his food was to do the will of his Father. Nothing derailed his faith and conviction. How do we face life’s challenges today in the light of our faith conviction?

O God, keep me ever faithful to my faith conviction. Help me. Do not allow me to fall into temptation for vainglory sake.

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