God is Our Eternal Structure

TUESDAY: Last Week in Ordinary Time


God is Our Eternal Structure

History keeps an exacting report of the rise and fall of many kings and kingdom. The might of former kings did not save them from death. Their fortifications were powerless to keep them from annihilation. Their memories exist on paper; their artifacts buried either with them or in a museum. Archaeologists are still busy searching for some lost kingdoms and the skeletons of dead royalties.

The magnificence of structures, the consolidation of human supremacy, cultures and traditions, all dissipate with time. Everything human and material is destructible with time; only their skeletal remains will tell their story to subsequent generations. Human indiscretions and injudiciousness, the lack of wisdom and the inability to interpret the signs of the time often accelerate the pace of historical, social, political, economic and religious destruction. Such was the case with Nebuchadnezzar.

God has his own unique way of dissolving kingdoms and creating new ones. However, as long as humankind persists in their sinful ways, God will smash their crown into the dust (Is.28:2; Ps.68:21). In the end, God will inaugurate his kingdom of righteousness, justice, peace and joy (Rom.14:17). That kingdom is already within us (Lk.17:21). Merely by belonging to Christ, we are part of his eternal kingdom as heirs of God and coheirs with Christ. God always brings down the mighty from their thrones and exalts the humble and the meek (Lk.1:52).

My friends let us learn from the mistakes of the past. Let us not take history and the grand empires of today for granted. They too will fade with time until all nations repent and accept Christ as their eternal Lord and king. Place our trust in God, not in perishable human structures or in princes. They die and their plans come to naught (Ps.146:3).

O God, you are my eternal king.

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