Perseverance with God

WEDNESDAY: Last Week in Ordinary Time


Perseverance with God

Lost in their insanity and unquenchable show of power, arrogance, and self-importance, people are oblivious of the consequences of the sacrileges they commit against God and others. Despots conveniently forget, “power belongs to God (Ps.62:11)” until their travesties recoil on their heads. Power is a divine gift bestowed upon humans by God to govern the sacred goods of the kingdom of God and the affairs of humankind on the earth, ethically. However, when people hoard power to themselves, they abuse it; they venerate the mundane and desecrate the Holy One, as well as the holy things at their disposal.

Belshazzar’s defilement of the sacred vessels his father Nebuchadnezzar looted from the sanctuary in Jerusalem received a swift reaction from God, which intimidated and humbled him. With the help of Daniel who interpreted the vision and writing on the wall, Belshazzar understood God would destroy those who pillage his temple (1Cor.3:17). Moreover, God himself will raise it up again in his own time (Jn.2:19; Mk.14:58).

Daniel’s interpretation of Belshazzar’s dream prefigured the demised of all earthly kingdoms and the advent of the universal and lasting kingship of Christ established in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. Daniel who also prefigured Christ as an object of hate for his wisdom and contradiction of the violations against God’s law. In the end, Belshazzar exalted Daniel for his wisdom and insight. Daniel’s endurance won for him his ultimate dignity.

Christ Jesus in Luke 21:12-19 encourages us to imitate Daniel in his wisdom and perseverance. We must triumph over our fears and the threats of death; hold fast to God’s will; be brave stewards of the kingdom and we will win the crown of eternal life.

O God, grant me the wisdom to know your will and the courage to embrace it with confidence and courage until death.

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