Lord, My Life is in Your Hands

THURSDAY: Last Week in Ordinary Time


Lord, My Life is in Your Hands

The decrees of despots define their ignorance and arrogance. Their declarations are like a detailed analysis of their and self-infatuation. To put it mildly, their laws read like a judgment on the ability to negatively manipulate their devotees and lead them to self-destruction. Their edicts are symbolic of their reckless and unethical will imposed upon their subject to solicit their unwavering loyalty and devotion. Dictators have two objectives, to deify themselves and to use others as pawns to achieve their goals. This is an apt portrayal of King Darius.

Nevertheless, God has a unique way of challenging those who stray from his precepts. Daniel and his companions miraculously survived the flaming furnace – unscathed by the flames. The king’s entire demeanour changed when the true servants of God came out of the furnace unharmed. Meanwhile, those who persuaded the king to sentence Daniel and companions to death, they and their families served as fuel poured to the fire. With the deflation of the king’s ego and the loss of his servants and their family, God solicited a change of heart in the king. His conversion saw the publication of new law consistent with the first commandment and the Law of Moses. There is only one God. Him we must, love, serve and worship.

God overlooked the ignorance of humankind in the past. Now he wants everyone everywhere to repent (Acts 17:30). God offers humankind multiple opportunities to repent. God is determined to save everyone (2Pet.3:9). The divine protection of Daniel and his friends and the utter demise of the enemies of God in Daniel 6:12-28 find full expression in the saying: the wages of sin is death but God’s gift is eternal life (Rom. 6:23). Isaiah 3:9 put is more glaringly: their insolence testified against them. They flaunted their sins like Sodom; unabashed they paraded their sinfulness and courted their own ruin.

Daniel’s divine protection and the demise of the king’s stalwarts prefigured the Lord’s saying, the wicked will go to eternal damnation and the righteous to eternal life (Matt.25:46). No torment shall ever touch the righteous even though in the eyes of the unjust they seem to die. Their souls are at peace in the hands of God (Wis.3:1-9). Daniel’s narrative must inspire us to repent and enjoy God’s favour.

As the New Jerusalem of God, the historical, social, political, economic, and the religious environment seem doomed to repeat the predictions of Christ. Paganism, on a large scale, is already at our doors. Echoes of the trampling feet of its advocates are increasing deep within the Church. Our schools are under attack, already; our family structures and values are already under attack too. Echoes of regret are on the rise. Mother Nature is retaliating. How shall we respond to the approaching menace? Christ invites us to be like Daniel. Hold our heads high. Our liberation is near at hand (Lk.21:28).

Lord, I place my life and myself in your hand. Lead me in the path of righteousness.

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