Righteousness Prevails over Unrighteousness

FRIDAY: Last Week in Ordinary Time


Righteousness Prevails over Unrighteousness

The last days of a semester at school, the last days of the year, the last days before official retirement and our last days on earth come, each come with their respective tensions, fears and trepidation. The drama of accountability and judgment of our stewardship demonize us even when we know we have been faithful and diligent in our duties. If the diligent are nervous, how will those who are derelict in their obligations feel on Judgment Day?

Daniel’s vision and his description of the end times are simultaneously poetic, vivid, and theatrical. Readers have the surety from Daniel, the wicked and the godless are doomed to self-destruct. All despotic kings are predestined to fail, and their kingdoms will collapse with time. However, the hope of the righteous and the kingdom of righteousness are indestructible. The king of righteousness and his kingdom will supplant all earthly kingdoms and set the records of humankind’s stewardship aright.

This is the nature of apocalyptic literature. It inspires hope among those enduring redemptive suffering and persecution. It encourages them to be resilient in their sufferings, never lose sight of the divine promise or the eternal kingdom and bliss of the faithful God has in mind for his chosen ones. In other words, suffer for righteousness but stay focus and pay attention to the signs of the time.

Jesus Christ in his days conveyed the same message to his disciples. In the face of calamity and persecution, stay focus. Rely on the evidence of his word and all will be well with them. Keep in mind the saying of Christ Jesus: his words are spirit and they are life (Jn.6:63). Besides, the author of Hebrews 4:12-13 assures us the word of God is precis

Lord, prepare me to be your faithful servant to the end of my days.

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