Rediscovering Our Mission in Christ



Rediscovering Our Mission in Christ

Andrew was an angler and a disciple of John the Baptist. Later he became a fisher of men with Christ. Andrew typifies the ultimate good God can achieve through mere humans who welcome the call to discipleship with Christ Jesus. God in Christ selected Andrew as a steward of the Gospel and a guardian of the sacred goods of the kingdom. Today Andrew reigns with Christ in the kingdom of our God and by his prayers continues to harvest souls for the kingdom of heaven.

Those, whom God calls through Christ, he commissions them to make disciples of all nations and to teach men, women and children to observe the commandments (Matt.28:19-20). The whole world is the sea of God and of Christ. The disciples are his fish. The Church is a community of fishers of men. Its unique responsibility is to cast the net of Christ into the sea and bring in the daily haul of fish. Through the proclamation of the Word and the dispensation of the sacraments, the Church, daily, bring in a daily catch. Her work as a community of fishers of men never ceases. Thus, the work of the Apostles, on earth and in heaven is forever ongoing. The Church in heaven, by the prayers of the saints, assist the Church on earth to continue the mission of Christ.

Charity begins at home. Andrew, in his early fishing expedition brought the biggest fish to Christ, his brother Peter. Peter turned out to be the first pope, known as the “Big fisherman”. The one who was chosen by Christ to be the bearer of the keys of the kingdom of heaven (Matt.16:18). Just as Christ sent Andrew into the world as preacher and pastor so too has, Christ commissioned all the baptized to do like Andrew. Go and call our brothers and sisters and introduce them to Christ; let Christ do with then as he did with Peter; let him transform them into like rocks. Christ will change them into fishers of men and living stone to build up the body of Christ in the world.

Rocks do not leave their enclave on their own. Someone must collect them and carry them to the construction site. At the construction site, the builders recognise their value and include them into the structure. God wants all peoples included in his Mystical Body. He wants all of us to be one body with him. This is the purpose and mission of the Church in the world. This is the role of Every Christian and uniquely so, the role of the ordained ministry to become real fishers of men like Christ.

On the feast of St. Andrew, how does the Church in the world respond to the rapid decline in her membership? Are secularism and individualism responsible for the depletion of fish in the sea of Christ? Alternatively, is the harvest so rich but the labourers are just inadequate? Lord, teach us to pray for a bountiful harvest.

St. Andrew, please pray for us that every baptised Christian within the body of Christ will rediscover his/her mission within the Mystical Body of Christ. Help us work with Christ to bring in a rich harvest into his kingdom.

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