He Is Coming to Heal Us

MONDAY: First Week of Advent


He Is Coming to Heal Us

Do not be afraid of the nearness and presence of Christ Jesus. He is not coming to judge or condemn us. He is coming to cure us. Christ is coming to inaugurate the new heaven and the new earth the Father promised. Let him enter under our roofs. Give him a chance in our lives and he will do for us what he did for the centurion’s servant. Too often, we feel intimidated by God’s presence. That fear is unnecessary and unreasonable. How can we fear what is already existing in us? At creation, God endowed us with his breath. At Baptism and Confirmation, God bestowed the Holy Spirit upon us. In the Holy Eucharist, we receive the living body, soul and divinity of Christ. God and Christ, in union with the Holy Spirit, are alive in us. They have only one wish, to make us perfect, as the Father is perfect.

At all times God is present in every space we occupy. He lives in us. We are never alone in this life. The more we participate in the sacramental life of the Church the closer and more intimate our relationship grow with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Even dough we do not see any person of the Blessed Trinity with our naked eyes – still, all three are always present under the roofs of this earthly tent of ours. More than that, we also invoke the Blessed Trinity whenever we pray.

Despite our unworthiness, God comes readily to our assistance. I can vouch that this true. He has never failed me. God is always present to supply all my genuine needs. There are times when did not even express the need and his hands through the generosity of others delivered me from my distress. In other words, God comes to meet us in our defectiveness and through our cooperation with his plan of salvation; he heals us of all our imperfections and draws us into full communion with him and the Father. This is the synopsis of what Jesus encounter with the centurion.

Today’s Responsorial Psalm embodies the kind of spirit that should motivate us to disregard our unwarranted fears and spontaneously welcome the Lord’s initiative to enter into communion with us, usher us into the New Jerusalem and shower us with his peace that we may be forever faithful to God.

O God, I will enter your gates with thanksgiving in my heart. I will sing of your healing and transforming love.

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