God is counting on us

TUESDAY: Fist Week in Advent


God is counting on us

God in Christ is our hope and our salvation. News of his second coming must put a smile on our face and fill our hearts with joy. Think of the human condition in the aftermath of a devastating storm. The only things that occupy our mind are who will rescue us from our distress. ‘Help is on the way!’ That is one statement, which resonates instantly with every victim. It the most positive and constructive statement that restores confidence among victims.

Sin is a human tragedy (Rom.6:23). It is a state of spiritual crisis. Sin shuts the gates of heaven to our faces. It leaves us out in the cold, the darkness; it makes us sick (Ps.32; Ps.50). Sin makes us prisoners of darkness (Gal.3:22). However, we are indelibly grateful that the hands of God are never too short to save us; his ears are too dull to hear us (Is.59:1). He is always prepared to rescue us from the pit of destruction whenever we cry out to him (Is.58:9).

The Christian Advent must remind us, help is on the way. God is coming to rescue us. He is coming to save us from our sins and from all evils. Isaiah 11:1-10 speaks of a radical spiritual revolution-taking place in humankind’s history – God is reconciling all things to himself – the animals mentioned in this text are metaphors for the radical spiritual conversion and conciliation introduced by the reign of God. Integrity will govern the hearts of humankind; justice and peace will embrace. And there be one God and one nation so beautifully portrayed in the Lord’s Prayer.

The Psalmist prophesied “In his days justice shall flourish and peace till the moon fails (Ps.71:7). The angels on the day of Christ birth heralded him as the sign of peace to men of goodwill (Lk.2:14). Yes! Christ is our peace. With his own body, he broke down the wall of enmity and divisiveness and reconciled the whole world to himself (Eph.2:14). Christ by his death on the cross fulfilled the promise of God to reconcile the world to himself. We are fortunate to be part of this ongoing economy of salvation.

Therefore, brothers and sisters let us put aside our tainted lenses. Let us confront the existing corruptions, let us disentangle ourselves from the life we renounced at baptism and strive to live a life of purity and grace ready to greet the Lord when he comes again. God is counting on us.

Lord, prepare me for your homecoming.

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