Redirecting our Sense of Christian Praxis

THURSDAY: First Week in Advent


Redirecting our Sense of Christian Praxis

Christian fidelity finds is meaningful expression only in our obedience to God’s will (Jn.14:23). Talk is easy and cheap. Becoming an authentic witness of the Father like Christ is a tall challenge. Our fallen human nature is not helpful. Cognizant of our struggles with disobedience, God stands always ready to console us and consolidate us in his love (Rom.11:32). However, Christ is our rock foundation. He is gradually moving us away from our sandy and unstable foundation to strengthen our temple in himself.

Advent is about the efforts of God to fuse us into his foundation and to transform us into little rocks like Peter. Hence, the reason Peter defined Christians as living stones building up the body of Christ, with Christ as the cornerstone. Together with the apostles, we grow into a tough and unshakable structure in Christ Jesus (Eph.2:20). Through baptism we live, move and have our being in Christ (Acts 17:28). The Sacrament of Confirmation strengthens us to embrace our Christian mission within the body of Christ. Through the Eucharist, Christ feeds and nourishes us in anticipation of the life to come. In all of this, Christ calls us and makes us living reflections of himself. Therefore, we must proclaim the Gospel to the world but we are obligated to practice what we preach to make our holiness complete in Christ.

Yes! The mission of the Church in the world is to proclaim the Good News and call all humankind to holiness in Christ as “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church (Jn.17:21-26).” She does not exist to fulfil her own vocation – but Christ’s. Therefore, she must be obedient to the will of him who called and sent her to reconcile the world to God (Matt.28:19; Jn.20:21-22, 2Cor.5:20). The Church is at all times a witness of the holiness, Caritas and Filial love of God and Christ Jesus. Like Christ, even in the most difficult situation, she must rely on the will of the Father as her food to sustain her in her fidelity to the will of the Father in Christ Jesus. Like Christ, she must allow herself to become bread blessed and broken to sustain the flock of Christ in the world. Therefore, the quality of her love must reflect that of Christ Jesus (1Cor.13:1-13).

Recognizing that we are failing in many respects, Advent offers us, once again, that glorious opportunity to start afresh in rehabilitating our relationship with the Lord and our mission in the world in anticipation of Christ second coming. He is coming to judge our stewardship. He will judge us according to our sense of Christian praxis if it is consistent with our shouting “Lord, Lord”.

Lord, guide me that I may live and die doing what I proclaim to others. For the times I have failed, I ask your forgiveness and mercy

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