Our Redemption and Our Salvation

SATURDAY: First Week of Advent


Our Redemption and Our Salvation

The Advent narratives initiate the history of our ongoing redemption. They demonstrate God’s deliberate thoughtfulness and love for sinners. It shows God’s bold initiative to confront darkness and evil, to restore his image and likeness in fallen humankind and to offer them a second chance to reclaim their divine dignity in him through his Son (Jn.10:34).

The Advent accounts shows God is purposeful in his plan to undo the power of sin and to destroy every unjust worldly structure. God is determined to inaugurate his reign of divine justice and peace (Is.29:11). God yearns for a spiritual revolution that will renew the face of the earth (Rom.12:2). God is longing to show his graciousness to the whole world and to grant us the opportunity to live righteously.

However, we must first understand that at his first coming Christ did not come to condemn the world but to save it (Jn.3:17). God never harboured the desired to condemn humankind. His plan is to save them (Ezek.18:23. 33:11). God is always preoccupied with our salvation (Deut.3:18). He is still determined to save us and free us from all our distress (Ps.25:22; Ps.130:8). This promise the author of Hebrews 4:1-11 assures us still holds true for everyone who listens and obeys the will of God. No sinner is beyond redemption unless the person chooses to be lost by renouncing the faith and returning to the world of sin and evil (Heb.6:6-8).

In keeping with Isaiah 30:19-21.23-26 and Matthew 9:35-10:1.6-8, God revealed his plan for the salvation of the whole world. In Christ Jesus, God demonstrated the fulfilment of his plan and Christ, in turn, commissioned his disciples to continue the work of curing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the lepers, delivering the possessed and oppressed and to proclaim the kingdom is at hand (Lk.4:18).

Briefly, Advent tells the story, even now, of how God is restoring our confidence and is preparing us for Christ’s second coming. Now it is up to us to welcome him, believe him, and trust him. In the end, God and Christ Jesus will be gracious to us at Christ’s second coming. Let us take advantage of every God-given opportunity to embrace the gift of our salvation. We will never regret it

Lord, show us your redemption and love.

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