He will restore us in His Love

MONDAY: Second Week of Advent


He will restore us in His Love

Confronting sin is a ticklish social issue. It is humbling. Why? People live under the misconception that sin is internal, secret, and private. No one, we presume should be privy to the details of our conduct. Despite whatever authority God has granted to men to forgive sins Confession, the forgiveness of sin remains a highly disputed subject (Lev.5:5-6; Jn.20:23; Jas.5:16). That is a massive deception. It is blinkers placed over our eyes by the devil to mislead us and imprison us in our sin. Take heed!

The truth is we can hide from people like ourselves but we can never conceal our true selves from God. He knows every detail of our conduct (Ps.139). When we consciously reveal our true selves to God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, he heals not only our spiritual woundedness but he also restores our broken physical conditions (Ps.32). He will mend us and make us whole again.

David in Psalm 32 and 50 respectively tells us that Sin debilitates the human mind, body, soul and spirit. It paralyzes our entire human system. Sin has wrecked the world. It has brought down the mighty from their thrones. Therefore, when we deposit ourselves before the throne of divine mercy know well, Christ will not administer to us in half measures (1Thess.5:23-28). God will revive our entire being (Jas.5:15). He will revive our drooping spirit (Ps.23:3).

Christ came into the world specifically for this reason, to renew all things in himself for the glory of the Father (Rev.21:1-2). The healing of the paralytic prefigures the new heaven and the new earth (Lk.5:17-26). Not only the paralytic was healed and transfigured; everyone one in the temple were transformed through Christ forgiving and healing actions.

The exposition of sin, confession and the healing of the sick are purposeful in God’s plan of salvation (2Tim.3:16-17). They are gateways through which God and Christ can enter into full communion with us and bring us eternal wellness and happiness. So what is God and Christ asking of us this Advent? Bring our brokenness to him. Bring our wounded brothers and sisters; place them, as the feet of Christ; he will astonish us with his forgiveness, mercy and love. He will make us whole again. Alleluia!

Here I am, Lord, in my brokenness show me your mercy and compassion.

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