Reclaim our Sense of Purity



Reclaim our Sense of Purity

Modern man, with calm indifference, has radically drifted from God’s plan, vision and mission for his creatures in the world (Gen.1:26-28). The sudden surge of idealism, individualism and hedonism are compounding the problem. This drastic departure from grace and purity is essential to the rise of humanism and the false sense of human rights and freedom now tearing the world and our families apart.

Humankind believes they are accountable only to themselves – not to God – blatantly they rebel against God and they reject the plan and the role God created them to play in the economy of salvation (Gen.5:1). Therefore, they feel free to challenge God or try to equal him. Consequently, humankind has lost its sense of purity or the sacredness of their bodies.

The further humankind drifts into the scheme of defining themselves free from the concept God has in mind for them, their sense of morality will continue to tumble. Their behaviour will become increasingly animalistic. In their defiance, they will exile themselves from the God who created them and from the kingdom of heaven.

This was the ploy used by the devil to deceive Eve and Adam (Gen3:1-6). He enabled them to remove their trust and confidence in God and placed it in themselves. They fell for it. We are doing exactly the same today. Their obedience to the devil cost them their freedom – today history is repeating itself. Just as Adam and Eve deprived themselves of the gift of Paradise so too are we depriving ourselves of the kingdom. We are already gods (Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34). If we allow ideologies, individualism, hedonism and humanism to dictate our identity for us then we must fall like any ordinary prince and princes from grace. Obedience is always better than sacrifice.

God is stubborn in his love for humankind. His heart recoils at our disobedience, pain and suffering. He longs to redeem us from our fallen human nature. In the Immaculate Virgin Mary, God raised up an ideal model of his true image and likeness worthy of emulation. The absolute humility and meekness of Mary clearly expressed in her fiat tells us what God expects from all of his creation.

How can we emulate Mary? First, we must recognise we are the handmaids of the Lord. Second, in deep humility and meekness, we must allow God’s will to direct the course of our future. Third, we must abide by his word even more than we rely on bread, fame, power and accolades. Only obedience to God makes us his mother, brothers and sisters on earth (Matt.12:48-49). The opposite is disastrous. Obedience to the devil is to exile ourselves from ourselves and eventually from God.

The Feast of “The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary”, must remind us that in the beginning, God created us to be immaculate creatures. He made us in his own image and likeness –each with a particular vocation in mind. If we cooperate with God as Mary did, there will be no limits to what God can achieve through us. Let us rise from our disobedience. Let us join Mary in her special divine privileged position of grace. Let us imitate her obedience, meekness and humility.

Mary our Mother, pray to Jesus for us that we may be as pure as you are in the eyes of God.

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