God is Our Consolation

TUESDAY: Second Week of Advent


God is Our Consolation

Despite our fallen human nature and diminishing beauty, God’s love for us never wanes. No matter how prodigal we are, his paternal instinct never diminishes. Lost in the wilderness, his searches for us – never deterred by the length of time. Lacerated, bruised, or unkempt, our looks will not distract him. He is ever ready to embrace us and console us just as we are and cleanse us in his love. God stands in solidarity with us, always. In our weakness, he will carry us over his shoulders safely into his fold. His omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence make him compassionate, loving, merciful and forgiving. God exists to rehabilitate and transform us by his love.

God sees in us a value we do not recognise in our own selves. As an invaluable coinage, he protects each one of us to make his divine economy secure and complete. When we are lost in the sand of the wilderness, he sweeps the entire landscape to find us. Like sheep, when we go astray, he wounds his own body to find us. His voice never tires crying in the wilderness. Both Christ and the Prophet Isaiah give us that guarantee: God will never forsake us. He will always come seeking us out wherever we have strayed.

This Advent season, my friends, give God a chance to find us. Do not despair if we hear his voice or discern his footsteps drawing near our area of seclusion. Raise our voice in faith; answer his call. Stretch out our weak limbs. He will reach out to us, lift us onto his shoulders and carry us back into his fold. He is our shepherd. Let us become his obedient sheep.

Here is am, Lord. I await your saving help and love.

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