God is our Salvation

WEDNESDAY: Second Week of Advent


God is our Salvation

God chose the best part for us in his Son Jesus Christ. In Christ Jesus, God keeps renewing and preparing us to be heirs of the kingdom of heaven with Christ. As the Good Shepherd Psalm clearly states: if the Lord as our shepherd we are rich in every way. God himself has already made all the necessary preparations for satisfaction and our eternal joy (Is.25:1-11). We will never go hungry or untended to. In other words, God made Christ Jesus the fullness of our righteousness, justice, peace, our perfection and salvation – beautifully epitomized in the Eucharist. Christ nourishes and strengthens us in his love. He is cognizant of the things that deplete our strength, our agility, the things that cause us to stumble, thus he is always at hand to rescue us as selflessly as possible.

Despite our waywardness, the Lord stands always ready to welcome us back into his fold and his love. He may chastise us but he will never refuse to take us back when we respond positively to his invitation to come to him in humility and meekness. God wants us to identify with him so that we can enjoy the fullness of peace and rest in his arms. The Lord is the shepherd and guardian of our souls; he will never fail to save us if we cooperate with his plan of salvation.

The Psalmist, according to today’s Responsorial Psalm gives us every reason to trust God’s divine love and mercy. The Psalmist delights in God’s blessings, his forgiveness, compassion, love and mercy. Why? Because the Psalmist discovered that God is not vindictive. He does not nor repay us according to our faults (Ps.102:10).

This is the Advent story. God is coming to show us his mercy and love. He will treat us with compassion, love and mercy. He is encouraging us today to leave our enclave of sin and self-destruction, be open to his invitation as the Psalmist said that we can soon discover our hearts are restless with praise and thanksgiving for our God did not, he has not, and will not condemn us if we put our trust in him. We shall live because of the goodness of God.

O God, my lips shall praise you all the days of my life.

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