Queen of Mexico and Empress of the Americas

December 12: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Zec.2:14-17/Judith 13:18-19/Lk.1:26-38

Queen of Mexico and Empress of the Americas

God, from the moment of Mary’s conception, designated her to be the Mother of his Son, Immanuel (Is.7:14). From henceforth, God also made Mary an apostle of the gospel and a prototype of the Church. Even today, Mary continues to enrich the children of God and prepares them for full participation in the kingdom of her Father and her Son. In her capacity as Mother of God and Mediatrix of all graces, Mary continues to be for us a universal sacrament of love (Lk.1:48).

Through her munificence and her full cooperation with God during her earthly pilgrimage with Christ – even in her afterlife – Mary continues to collaborate with Christ to proclaim the gospel. She draws the hearts many to conversion in anticipation of her Son’s second coming through her many apparitions around the world. Mary is still on pilgrimage. The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe stands out as a notable example of this truth. She is still building the Church of her Son not only on the hill of Tepeyac, Mexico but also throughout the world.

Mary embodies the Church in the world; by her frequent apparitions in every part of the world, Mary models the pilgrim Church bringing the gospel to the ends of the earth. She is still turning the hearts of the children back to the Father. She is making God present to everyone – especially his poor and suffering children of God. The Americas is notorious for suffering humanity. However, God never abandoned them in their poverty and sufferings. God made his Mother their protector and mother too.

Thus, the Guadeloupe story must remind us that like San Juan Diego, regardless of our social, intellectual status and nationality the eyes of God are fixed on us. God recognises our need to hear the Good News and to become living members of his Mystical Body. Always, even before the arrival of missionaries to the remote parts of the world, God makes himself present to his people. The apparition of Mary and the titles bestowed upon her as “Queen of Mexico and Empress of the Americas” is just another way of expressing the people’s appreciation for Mary as an apostle of the gospel and a sacrament of God’s love to them. They recognise Our Lady of Guadalupe as the bringer of the Good News. It is their way of expressing what Isaiah had previously said: ”How beautiful on the mountains, are the feet of the one who brings good news, who heralds peace, bring happiness, proclaim salvation, and tell Zion, your God is king (Is.52:7)!”

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

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