Listen to the Sound of His Music

FRIDAY: Second Week of Advent


Listen to the Sound of His Music

If we listen to the sound of the Lord’s music, we will dance according to the rhythm of his tune and lyrics; we will maintain our integrity and be pleasing to God. We will also discern his joy; we will likewise recognise his moments of deep distress over our lack of uprightness. Too often, we dehumanize ourselves and we reap a harvest of sorrows, all because we do not know the difference between the sound of the divine bagpipes and dirges. Christ is instructing us to follow the beat of his music and be less critical of others who are doing the things God commissioned them to do. Walk away from the darkness and we will have the light of life (Jn.8:12). This is invitation is still open to all men, women, and children. It is a simple command to obey the commandments, imitate Christ in his obedience, humility and meekness. In the end, we will all enjoy the fullness of happiness and peace in Christ Jesus.

A few days ago I accompanied members of my family were on a five human miles trip by a bus while visiting family we have never met before. The scenery was captivating. The cultivated and the newly ploughed fields, the cattle grazing – all that we saw told us something about the people’s way of life in that country. Their culture was breathtaking. The footpaths along the way caught my attention. Every footpath was askew – the same, as I have noticed everywhere I have been. No matter how much open land there ahead of us, our footprints show we are incapable of walking on a straight line. For an unknown reason we create curves along our route. Why I asked myself?

Then, I posited that our footprints are depictions of our struggles with our spirituality. We often stray from the straight path for our convenience. In the same pattern of our footprints, we stray from the commandments when the sound of the divine bagpipes become incoherent or inconsistent with our values; the same when the sound of dirges are indiscernible; unwittingly, we write our own requiems; we become critical of others; we despise wisdom and create our own paths to self-destruction. For what reason? We believe we must get to our final destination by any means – we look for or create shortcuts along the way.

The Liturgy of the Word today challenges us to rise from our complacency. Breakaway from these lackadaisical attitudes; walk away from the counsel of the wicked; radically remove ourselves from darkness and corruption; walk in tandem with Christ that we can bear the appropriate fruits in and out of season. God and Christ challenge us to familiarize ourselves with the commandments. Incorporate them into the fabric of our beings; live by them and we will find life and light. The commandments are our source of divine wisdom. They help us consolidate our foundation in Christ and maintain a high level of integrity, which God and Christ want us to acquire for our eternal salvation. God is calling us to listen to the sound of his music so that we can walk and dance in tandem with his lyrics and his music.

O God, train me and lead me in the way I must go and I will follow your commands.

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