The Day of the Lord

SATURDAY: Second Week of Advent


The Day of the Lord

Our historical, social, political and religious context today is reminiscent of the reckless days of Elijah. Like Israel of old, our hearts have turned to the Baals, the false gods. The Ahab(s) and Jezebels of our time have set their altars in place; their prophets are hard at work offering their sacrifices to the Baals. God is being treated as an opponent instead of the creator and our Father. People are ready to kill to protect their respective Baals. The Elijah(s) are driven into silence and seclusion.

Amid a hostile environment against faith in God Elijah was lauded for his sterling contribution and determination to turn the hearts of the children of Israel back to God the Father. His prayers and his miracles appeased the anger of God against the impieties committed against him in Israel. Elijah stood out among the prophets as a prototype of Christ and the Church. He sustained the faith of the old Israel of God and guided the people toward the true faith. Through his sufferings, God won the hearts of his estranged sons and daughters and reestablished his covenant with them.

This Advent season, the Lord reminds us of our present acts of lapses and infelicities. He is assuring us, his wish to save us is certain. He abhors the thought of our destruction. In his love, God acknowledged, he will make us secure in every way. The Church as a community of prophets of Christ keeps alive the spirit and the zeal of Elijah and John the Baptism.

In the heat of secularism, individualism, humanism and the unprecedented wave of hedonism, the Church must prepare herself to endure much suffering and rejection to bring about God’s intended plan of renewal and salvation to our present world so poised on a path to self-destruction and perdition. God’s love and mercy endure forever. God will never relent. The promise of Christ's second coming is yet again another demonstration of his enduring love, mercy and solidarity. He wants no one to be lost. He yearns for our conversion and salvation (2Pet3:8-9). How will we respond to his call to conversion and renewal so that we can have everlasting life with him in the kingdom of his Father? My friends let us keep this in mind: the day of the Lord is always approaching. Are we prepared?

O God, we are your creatures. Our life is in your hands. Mould us and fashion us anew and we shall be saved.

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