Our God is coming to Save Us



Our God is coming to Save Us

The moral belief of the prophets and of the gospel are trustworthy. We can rely on the evidence of the prophets and Christ Jesus. They are bearers of good tidings. They make known to us the hidden mysteries of God’s compassion, love, mercy, hospitality and solidarity towards humankind. Despite our fallen human nature and our continuous rebellious acts against God, he harbours no ill will against us (Jer.29:11). God’s aim is the complete renewal of the earth and his everlasting blessing and the fullness of human success on earth (2Chr.7:14; Jn.10:10).

On this third Sunday of Advent, Isaiah speaks with both clarity and assurance. His message tells of God’s proposal to heal and to renew the world by his love, mercy, and compassion. God is not coming to judge the world but to save it (Jn.3:17). He will heal the earth of its baroness; God will rid humankind of their hearts of stone; give them hearts of flesh alone (Eze.36:26). He will replenish the earth, make it yield abundant fruits and the earth will flourish with extraordinary beauty (Is.35:16-.10).

The Psalmist, unabashed, gave a positive response to God generous offer to come into the world and save us. He extended an open invitation to God: “Come, Lord, and save us (Is.35:4).” This is the sense of positivity God expects among us for his second coming. Our soul and our whole being must thirst for the Lord (Ps.42:2; 84:2; 63:1). We must be eager to welcome Christ and to enjoy his saving love. David’s openness to the Lord’s coming gives us hope. It tells us we can rely on the Lord to judge us with justice, integrity and equity. Cod’s commitment is to transform every human broken condition and give humankind a chance to participate in his divinity nature and favour. The poor no less than the rich shall see his glory (Ps.145:6-10).

Christ Jesus, in Matthew 11:2-11 is the lived testimony of the fulfilled promises of God. When John the Baptist sought clarity about the identity of Christ, Jesus gave John’s disciples the following response: “’ God back and tell John what you hear and witnessed; the blind see again, and the lame walk. Lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, and the dead are raised to life and the Good News is proclaimed to the poor; and happy is the man who does not lose faith in me.’” In other words, the hunger and the thirst of the sufferers are satisfied and quenched in Christ. The long reign of human suffering has ended. The kingdom is already in our midst. God fulfilled his promise in Christ. At the same time, Christ used the same platform to vouch for the integrity of John the Baptist and thus gave credence to John’s testimony.

Even today, this promise still holds true for all of us living in such turbulent times (Heb.4:1-11). Christ’s second coming begs us to prepare ourselves and wait in patience for the Lord to save us. St. James 5:7-10 encourages us that while we await the Lord’s coming we must do all within our power to cultivate the spirit of the Beatitudes in our lives but do so with patience. Thus, my friends, in Christ first coming, God has ready started to fulfil his promises and he will bring his promise to completion when he comes again in glory to judge the living and the dead with justice and equity. Are we ready for that coming?

O God, fill our hearts with joy as we await your second coming

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