Sincerity with Christ

MONDAY: Third Week of Advent


Sincerity with Christ

Duplicity is the casualty of the soul. The beginning of a disruptive relationship with God and the path towards self-destruction. God cannot be fooled. Our insincerity has no scathing effects on God but the scars of our hypocrisy will etch deep into our souls if we do not repent. The wisdom of God, his omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience surpass all our understanding and visualization. Deceit is a type of lukewarm accommodation of God and Christ. It feeds solely on our self-centered motives while using God as a passport to achieve our selfish ambitions. This of type of faulty relationship is abhorrent to the Lord. He is quick to dismiss its existence (Rom.3:20).

Genuine love is open to full self-disclosure and constructive criticism that will contribute to our holistic moral and spiritual development. It is accepting towards those who teach the truth; those who expose our falsehood, correct us and guide us towards perfection in God. The Lord’s ways are not debatable. His utterances are unquestionable. God always acts and speaks with moral authority and integrity for the sole purpose of transforming and transubstantiating us into the true substance of Christ as his sons and daughters.

Anything other than the truth and authority of Christ is a compromise. God will not condescend to the level of duplicity. Because he is the Way, the Truth, the Light, the Life. Christ is the star from Jacob who takes the leadership of the kingdom of righteousness, justice and peace. He can only elevate our fallen nature into symbols of truth and righteousness if we let him. He is not only the king over Israel. He is the universal king of righteousness, justice, peace and truth. The Advent season must then remind us of our obligation to put aside all forms of duplicity and embrace the morality of Christ in all its radiance and glory. Never challenge the authority of Christ but simply be opened to the truth and to those who proclaim it.

Here I am, Lord, open my heart and mind to your truth. Guide me and I will walk in your ways.

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